Rifter™ Linear Muzzle Brake .223/5.56

The Armaspec Rifter™ Linear Muzzle Brake with blast shield has varying initial chambers which allows combustion gases to travel inside the chamber for a longer period of time greatly reducing felt recoil and directing the sound forward away from the shooter. The Rifter™ blast shield is used to minimize the blast pattern, which is especially helpful when in close proximity to others or in the prone position. Patents Pending.
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1/2-28 Pitch

Stainless Steel core and shield

Black Nitrite Finish

Installation Instructions:

The best way to install the Rifter properly is if you think about the face of the barrel like a face of a clock, the top or 12 o'clock of the Rifter Core where you can see the little notch on the bottom part, this notch needs to align with the 12 o'clock on the barrel. First install the crush washer, the side with the cone goes towards the barrel and the wider side towards the Rifter Core, that allows you to tighten your muzzle device hand tight. Once you do, place your armorers wrench or 3/4 open ended wrench on the wrench flats and with a decent amount of force tighten until it lines with the 12 o'clock on your barrel. The key is tightening in short increments as to not tighten the muzzle brake too much and go past that 12 o'clock point. Slide on the Shield and line up the ports upwards.

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