Q. Where can I get the installation instructions for the TCB-31 Tactical Combat Button?

A. You can download the installation instructions by clicking the following link. TCB-Installaton-Instructions.


Q. Will the new PMAG Gen 3 magazine work with the Rhino R-23?

A. The Rhino R-23 has worked with every 20 round and 30 round AR magazines. This includes the latest generation 3 PMAGs.


Q. What side are the nuts install on?

A. The screws are inside the holes on the left side of the Rhino R-23 when looking at it from the back.


Q. Tried to install but one of the nuts fell out of the hole, how do I reinsert it?

A. Drop the nut into the hole and use the hex key to press it into place. You might need to keep the magwell pointing up as you start tightening the screw. Once the screw it tightened, compression will keep everything solid.