Sound Mitigation Buffer™- SMB™ Captured GEN3

Spacer A5 for SRS™/SMB™

Spacer A5 for SRS™/SMB™

Braided Buffer Spring™ - BBS™

The Armaspec Braided Buffer Spring™ - BBS™ provides improved performance, reliability and functionality to your standard mil-spec buffer spring. You will experience a smoother, quieter and more reliable weapon system. The braid is designed with 51 active coils to give tighter tolerances while being compressed and the three strand design allows for the energy from the bolt carrier to be absorbed and dispersed evenly during cycle time. Utilizing this technology gives you more than double the life of a standard mil-spec buffer spring.

*The BBS™ will fit over standard buffer weights, it can be paired with most buffers on the market.The system now comes with a drop over spacer that sits on the buffer to prevent the spring from over traveling the tapered buffer body.

Warning: Do not try to “snap” the spring onto the ledge on the buffer weight like standard springs; just slide on buffer, it should sit on the top of the ledge. If you are using the spacer, make sure the spacer goes on first, then install the spring. 

*The BBS™ is for the use with standard carbine length buffer tubes. It is NOT compatible with rifle length, A5 buffer tubes or receiver extensions.



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